Cardio exercises
Cardio exercises are very important to keep yourself healthy and these exercises can be done at the comfort of your home… These exercises warms up the muscles of your body which is very essential to prevent it from any injury due to strain… Muscles remain very rigid if one doesn’t have the habit of exercising… As the muscles are put comfortably without any work, it tend to break when subject to any unexpected mishap…. That’s why we need to exercise to keep our body, heart and mind hale and healthy.
Ok let’s look at the cardio exercises which can be done at home.
1. Arm rotation :This exercise is to rotate your arm clockwise and anti clockwise alternatively… 5-10 reps is sufficient.
2. Arm Side kicking : You have to kick in the air sideways using your fist. These can be done alternatively with 5 reps.
3. High knees –
You have to stand straight with feets closer to each other.. then you can alternatively raise your knees to hip level and tap it with your hand… 10 reps each leg would be sufficient.
Jumping Jack – This is to jump in the air with legs apart. Your legs should go apart when you jump up and then bring it closer when you come down. 20 reps would be sufficient.
Skipping – 200 reps per day and then gradually increase the frequency
Mountain climb : Keep your hands away from the closed placed legs like a mountain.. then bend the leg and bring it closer to the elbow of the hand and repeat for the other leg continuously for 15 counts.
Squats : Keep your legs apart shoulder level. Then bring down your back similar to sitting on a chair… Your knee shouldn’t go forward while doing this..
Lunges : Bring one leg with bended knee to the front and the other leg to be stretched back… The knee of the leg in front should form a ‘L’ shape and should not go too forward.

Best Fitness Apps You Can Use

With the invasion of Andorid and iOs phones, it has become inevitable for all fitness enthusiasts to download some apps to record their fitness workouts everyday.  There are numerous Apps available on Fitness but only few can help you comprehensively. Let us dwell into the details of such Apps.

MyFitnessPal – This app is one of the best to use. It helps you to keep a track on your fitness levels and also suggests you various options of losing weight. They also have a feature “calorie counter” which measures the numbers of calories consumed by the user of the App.

Sense Bio – This app helps the user to store the Fitness details of the self and also the family members. They have a unique sensor technology which provides accurate data on Health. Additional features of this app is that it gives you suggestions on Diet and activity, Reminders on Water intake, Ailments, Pill intake reminders etc.

Google Fit – This app records your various Physical activities be it Running, Walking, Cycling etc.,. You can set your own goals and work it out to achieve the goals every day. This app can also be synced with other Fitness apps like Strava so that the Activity information would get automatically downloaded to Google Fit. – They are one of the largest Fitness Chain in India. Their app has so many features that one need not have to go hit the Gym for a perfect body. Their apps have Fitness videos which are ranging from 10 to 15 minutes each. The videos would help you with the sessions on proper warm-up, Main exercises and end with proper cool down exercises. These videos are based on various activities and you can choose the vides based on your goal. It could be weight loss, Strength training, Endurance training and so on.

Nike Running Club – This app has got various features which can record your acitivity, Routes of running etc. The Coach Feature helps with the details on how to do the activities you choose.  You can also see your couterpart’s details on the Leaderboard and plan your activity accordingly. They have an in built audio which acts a motivator while you are on the workout and helps you to achieve you Fitness goals.

Running in cold weather

While running in cold weather it is always required to check the temperature outside before actually venture out for a run… Extremely cold climate when the temperature goes below the freezing point it is better to avoid running as it might lead to many health issues…
In case the weather is cold but conducive to running then you can run wearing suitable attires.
One can wear either wool jackets or  thicker running wears with sleeves will help to get protected from the cold weather. If the cold weather is added with chilly wind then using suitable ear buds will prevent you from catching up with cold…Also you should  consciously get hydrated while running in cold weather although you may not feel like getting drinking water.. It may lead to cramps in case you don’t get hydrated properly.

HIP Mobility Exercises

These are few exercises which can be done at home when you are restricted to go out comfortably. HIP mobility exercises will help you to prevent Lower back injury or alleviates the pain in case you have it.

Click the link below for the types of Basic Hip Mobility Exercises – Video Courtesy –  Mr.Ashok Kumar, Coach, BOSS GO RUN