A Coach demonstrated Excellence

A Coach in any form of the game is expected to guide the team with his experience, valuable tips on fitness and ensure his students are provided with enough strength physically and mentally to perform well in the game. But Mr. Paresh Kumar Swain, a trained coach of Run T.Nagar Run (A chapter of Dream Runners, Chennai) does something more than just a coach. He demonstrates his skill set to the Trainees himself physically and show the trainees what is expected of them. This attitude is not generally  found in many coaches who just push the team but don’t demonstrate it themselves.

One of the milestone of Mr.Paresh is the completion of 222kms of Cyclothon recently covering parts of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. He has completed the distance in 14 hours and 20 minutes which is a fantabulous timing. Although he is passionate about coaching the runners at RTR, he still loves to show his team the endurance a coach needs to have and demonstrated it excellently. This will ensure that most of his team of runners will follow him with the right spirit and ensure to include cycling as a part of their Fitness schedule. 

Besides these Paresh had also completed Full Marathon recently at Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon and The Wipro Chennai Marathon with good timings.

We shall shortly get a personal interview with him to know more about him and his suggestions to other Runners, Cyclists and Fitness enthusiasts.

All the best Paresh for your Future events!!!


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