100 Days of Running Challenge

Are you a runner or a beginner in Running, then “100 days of running – challenge yourself” movement is an arrow in the quiver for you…. This is a fitness movement  to encourage people to make running as a regular habit of their lives… By being a part of this challenge one gets the benefit of becoming a disciplined runner and get into the shape of proper fitness. Also this challenge transforms an impassive runner to a more passionate runner clocking the PBs many a times during this 100 day period… It really strikes a positive impact to become a dedicated and disciplined person while Fitness will be an added Bonanza….
Run T.Nagar Run, (a chapter of Dream Runners) is one among the 417 Running groups that has taken up this 100 day running challenge… While talking to the participants of RTR, many of them have expressed their ability to become more endured than before by pursuing this challenge… They even say that this challenge is a dime’s worth for a Run-lover to get a clean bill of health…
Keyar Srinivasan who tops the Run T.nagar Run chapter in this challenge talks about his  experience transforming from a novice runner to clocking PBs at his will with a good pace….
1. How long you have been to running.
I have been running in a perfect format for the past 2 Years that transformed my style of running completely.
2. How effectively you have developed your running skills in the last two years
– Slowly & Steadily with Instruction from Coach on the various work-outs to be pursued to run emphatically.. I also ensured to improve the  distance covered & pace as well .. Needless to say that i am very particular in finishing the run injury free…
3. How many marathons you have completed so far and the distance you have run..
– I have completed 12 Half Marathons so far.  I am planning to do my First Full Marathon in the month of August.
4. How this 100 day running challenge has helped your running skill
– Helping me a lot to run continuously everyday,  improve pace, long run without any issue, injury free, dedication.  Leg strengthening due to additional workouts, warm up & cool down stretches helps me to take up this challenge comfortably.
5. What are your suggestion for a beginner in running.
– Listen to your body,
– follow the instruction from Coach,
– Checkup with Doctor (only in case of extending the distance), but always focus on Core Strengthening, Leg strengthening more than Running extensively…
6. What are the running apps and special accessories you use?
– Strava & iPhone Activity App including Apple Watch
7. Give the details on your connect with RTR..
– I started as a simple walker in RTR in 2016. With great motivation from the team, I started to run 2km, 5km and then a lot of 10kms, continuous runs. Later I got  trained for Half Marathons by the coaches of RTR.  Now  I am planning to do my first Full Marathon after taking a proper Doctor’s advice, Coach planning and training.  So, without RTR, Running & Fitness would have remained a nightmare for me.  RTR is making me FIT always perennially.

Anybody who is a part of this challenge will definitely start feeling that Running LSD is always a barrel of laughs for them if done with dedication….

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