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With the invasion of Andorid and iOs phones, it has become inevitable for all fitness enthusiasts to download some apps to record their fitness workouts everyday.  There are numerous Apps available on Fitness but only few can help you comprehensively. Let us dwell into the details of such Apps. MyFitnessPal – This app is one of the best to use. It helps you to keep a track on your fitness levels and also suggests you various options of losing weight. They also have a feature “calorie counter” which measures the numbers of calories consumed by the user of the App. Sense Bio – This app helps the user to store the Fitness details of the self and also the family members. They have a unique sensor technology which provides accurate data on Health. Additional features of this app is that it gives you suggestions on Diet and activity, Reminders on…

While running in cold weather it is always required to check the temperature outside before actually venture out for a run… Extremely cold climate when the temperature goes below the freezing point it is better to avoid running as it might lead to many health issues… In case the weather is cold but conducive to running then you can run wearing suitable attires. One can wear either wool jackets or  thicker running wears with sleeves will help to get protected from the cold weather. If the cold weather is added with chilly wind then using suitable ear buds will prevent you from catching up with cold…Also you should  consciously get hydrated while running in cold weather although you may not feel like getting drinking water.. It may lead to cramps in case you don’t get hydrated properly.

Fitness keeps your health and mind fresh and the habit of regular workout will enhance your lifestyle for better. Keep watching this blog regularly to get the updates and videos of workout that you can do yourself at your convenience.  Video courtesy is by coach Mr.Ashok Kumar of BOSS GO RUN. Medicine ball exercises: This workout will strengthen your core and also reduces your abdomen fats. Also you can easily get rid of your Love Handles.. Click the link below to play the video.

If you have decided to be fit and choose Running as one of the ways of your lead to fitness then read on to get some useful tips in Running: Create a plan: Running is the best way of keeping yourself fit and rejuvenated. But at the same time running without a proper plan and training will lead to injuries and put you in a state of impasse. So create yourself a plan which you can follow strictly and train for a proper running gradually. Get a medical opinion: If you have any pre-existing ailments get a complete opinion from your family doctor and ask him if Running can be a part of your fitness schedule. There are chances that running can aggravate few ailments if pursued without a proper advice from the medical experts. If you are normal then there is no need for a medical opinion. Join a…