Do’s before we start a Formal Run

Fitness Tips

Anyone looking to take up running as a hobby or pastime will need to consider whether they have the five basic requirements needed to successfully train for your first marathon. Training for a marathon will cover all the fitness requirements of a runner as well as being fit. Here are the five aspects of this process:

1. Evaluating current fitness.
The first step in preparation for running for a marathon or otherwise is to decide the motivation behind it. The person has to decide if it is just to elevate their fitness levels, or to compete. Overweight people will have to lose the unnecessary weight. People who already play sport such as football or even ride a bike to work will be fit enough to take up running. People over the age of 35 and those with a prior history of heart disease or just being a couch potato will need to get a physical for health evaluation.

2. Choose achievable milestone goals
People who are starting from low levels of fitness should choose to first run one mile non-stop or even just walk it. This can be built up over time to greater distances and running speeds. After this the person can test their fitness in a half marathon or other smaller running formats. The magazine Running USA has said that runners are 4 times as likely to run a half marathon more than a full marathon.

3. Determine if you have the time.
To be a successful runner you would have to find out how much time you can set aside for running. One should see to scheduling conflicts and resolve them as best as possible. A majority of marathon training programs suggest lengthy run schedules from 2-3 hours on weekdays and more on weekends. This means you would have to get up early in the morning to get the hours of running in. Commitment such as exams and child care and more will get side tracked. So plan well to get the best results.

4. Select a good training program.
This is an essential step in the process of training with programs ranging from 12 to 18 weeks for half marathons along with other distances. To get the best fit, you can get the advice of veteran runners and settle down with a regimen that best suits you. Running is probably the simplest sport that exists: only requiring to set one foot in front of the other in quick succession. But it also needs detailed planning to build stamina enough to run the 26.2 miles in a marathon.

5. Build a support team.
Even though running only requires a single person, the chances of transforming into a great runner are much higher when you receive support from the ones closest to you. This includes everyone from the occasional friend and family member, to the spouse, partner or girlfriend. Inform them in advance of your schedule so that your time with them remains unaffected. A running aspirant who follows through all these steps is bound to turn into an excellent runner.