Running under Humid Weather


When you workout or run, the temperature of your body rises.  So when the weather is highly humid it further worsens keeping our energy at bay. The perspiration in the body doesn’t get settled under high humid weather and so we may find difficulty in Running comfortably. Sometimes running under humid weather leads to an array of issues like dehydration, cramps, higher heart rate and more. How to manage Running under humid conditions:

  1. Running Early:    Nothing is better than Running when the weather is not  much humid.  During summer, the  temperature early in the morning are generally cool. So one may choose to run in the morning and avoid humidity. This  also helps your body to have a controlled blood pressure.
  1. Run when there is a breeze:     Running during the breeze also offers comfort. When there is high breeze, it helps to lower the body temperature and make the Running quite easy.
  1. Consuming Iced Coffee:    Are you a runner looking forward to some energy boost backed by body’s thermogenic cooling? What comes as a fascinating fact is that, Iced Coffee, today is regarded as a pre-run fuel by many running enthusiasts. When you consume caffeine before running, it might not aid the hydration levels of the human body, but it increases the performance of the runner manifolds. You can consider switching your morning coffee with an iced one. Frequent hydration is mandatory under high humid weather. Otherwise you tend to lose energy quickly.
  2. Wearing comfortable running attires:   The secret to a long and peaceful run is a slow start. When you take a slow start, not only your body will be accelerated smoothly, but the muscles will not be unnecessarily stretched. Thus, you might not experience fatigue anytime soon. Also, it is advised to wear a minimum of comfortable clothes.  Wearing synthetic-blend clothes will help a lot during high humidity. Using sun glass and a visor will be much comfortable during humidity. One can also consider light colored shorts. Also wear a comfortable socks which can absorb foot sweat easily.
  3. Water- The Prime Ingredient:   Now that you have been running for more than 60-70 minutes, it’s time to revive you. You might consider carrying a hand-held water bottle. Always remember that drinking ample water is necessary. Your body is sweating heavily when you’re on the run, you must compensate the liquid loss. The body pores will also get refreshed.

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