Things a Runner need

Welcome Runner!

Now that you have decided to start running regularly and become of Marathon Runners, there are few things you need to get trained on before getting to active Marathon.

  1. Discipline : It is very difficult to run atleast 2 kms everyday during the initial phase of your Running, but make it a practice to run so that your legs, hip muscles gets stretched and allow you to enjoy running. So make Running everyday a habit
  2. Workouts: Take the help of a Professional coach who can teach you the basic workouts needed for a Runner. Normally the workouts comprises mainly, Core, Leg Strengthening, Upper Body workout, Speed Interval, Tempo Run etc.,.
  3. Runner Group: Join a group of Runners near your residence. This will allow you to develop the habit of running regularly. Also follow the disciplined runner of the group and get to the know the tips for a proper running.
  4. Be cautious: Always follow the proper way of running. Otherwise you will end up in getting injured easily. Proper Running is a practice and can’t be derived in a day. So be patient and just run as much distance as you can initially before trying Long Distance Running.
  5. Shoes and Apparels: Wear suitable apparels preferably Shorts and light shoes that are comfortable to your leg while running. Always note that if you start running regularly then it is advisable to change your shoes every six month as the wear and tear of your shoes might create injuries for your legs.
  6. Try different platforms: After getting trained for few months, try running different platforms like hard surface, Sand etc.,. so that your leg gets strengthened and allow you to pace up yourself during Marathon run