Tips for a Beginner in Running

If you have decided to be fit and choose Running as one of the ways of your lead to fitness then read on to get some useful tips in Running:

Create a plan: Running is the best way of keeping yourself fit and rejuvenated. But at the same time running without a proper plan and training will lead to injuries and put you in a state of impasse. So create yourself a plan which you can follow strictly and train for a proper running gradually.

Get a medical opinion: If you have any pre-existing ailments get a complete opinion from your family doctor and ask him if Running can be a part of your fitness schedule. There are chances that running can aggravate few ailments if pursued without a proper advice from the medical experts. If you are normal then there is no need for a medical opinion.

Join a Running Club: The benefit of joining a running club is that your fellow runners would help you with suggestions on the work outs, hydration, diets, correct posture of running etc. Also running with a group of people will help you to explore new terrains and places of running and keep you excited all the time.

Go for a trial run: Before actually getting into a long run, just try yourself running short distance like 2kms or 3kms. This will help you on getting yourself analysed on the endurance, capacity to run.

Get proper running gears: Buy a proper shoes and socks for running. It is advisable to buy branded running shoes from a quality store to ensure that it offers you comfortable running. Also buy T-shirts and shorts that are very smooth and loose so that they don’t trouble you while running. Hydration belt is suggested as long as it doesn’t tighten your waist while running.

Physical strengthening: It is very much necessary to strengthen your legs, core and upper body to run long distances. Get yourself trained on these areas from a professional coach so that the chances of injury is limited.

Be consistent: If you want to become a spirited Runner then you need to be consistent in your activity. Have a clear schedule on the distance of Run everyday. Keep LSD on the week end so that you get sufficient rest post the run.

Nutrition: Running dehydrates you a lot. Also any Long distance run will burn the calories and fats quickly. Ensure that you load sufficient carb before LSD and keep yourself hydrated all through the run schedule.

Warm up and cool down: Always warm yourself up the body before your start the run. It will ease your legs and muscles and make you comfortable and easy while running. Once you complete the run cool your body down. Your legs and muscles gets tightened while running and hence the cool down process will help in getting off the rigidity.


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