TSR Ramesh

A person who has started running will always have someone as an inspiration behind them. Only this inspiration would have made them to follow a discipline in running and eventually get Fit. It is always be cherishing if we get some useful tips from the person who have acquired a great Fitness  through dedication.

TSR Ramesh after completing Full Marathon. Smile on his face says it all…..

Here we have Mr.TSR Ramesh who started running in 2016 to participate in an event casually, has now become a daily routine to him. It is even more surprising that he is able to complete the distance of all Marathons at an incredible timing.  He recently participated in Bangalore Marathon and covered the Full Marathon distance of 42kms in 4 hrs 45 min.

A small interview with Mr.Ramesh who explains his Art of Running and Fitness

  1. When did you start giving attention to your fitness?                                                                           
    I started by running in 2016 which has now become an everyday practice to me.  One day I got an email from my office HR that a free training for fitness and running is being provided and whoever is interested can join the training. I decided to attend that training casually but it changed my life altogether. The free training was given focussing on Dream Runners Half Marathon 2016 event  so that we can get our fitness compatible to Running long distance. I chose to join their T.nagar chapter Run T.Nagar Run (RTR).  After joining their training, it has become a habit for me to wake up at 4.30 in the morning and get on to the schedule of fitness everyday. That is how my Fitness journey started.
  2. What excites you when you talk about your fitness?
    When I start talking about my fitness, one thing that excites me is the Runners’ club RTR (Run T.Nagar Run). Coaches at RTR and other friends are the source of inspiration which excites and make me run without fatigue. The work outs session is always very informal and funny without deviating the objective of the work out.                                                                         Initially i was able to run only 2 kms but after getting trained properly by RTR coaches, I have now completed 3 Full Marathons, 10 half marathons, 6hr stadium run in the track. I have done cycling for 125km in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore without any injury till date.
  3. What are your success secrets?
    Being cool and relaxed is very important while practicing running. At the end of Running every time, we will definitely feel fresh and energetic.  Also we need to follow the training schedule with the help of coach or trainer and ensure that all work outs are done properly. Attending these sessions will increase our endurance and always help in a injury-free Run.
  4.  What would be your suggestions to Runners who have just begun?
    Start  your day at 4.30 in the morning. Once you get this into practice you will definitely find lot other things come in place offering you more time and energy.
  5. What is the app that you use to track your fitness? 
    Runkeeper in Mobile App – It gives complete history of our Run.

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