Every runner would always wish to have injury-free and comfortable run. Sometimes things may go beyond control and results in some injuries. Predominantly foot is one area which is prone to injuries while running. There are four major problems that may occur in foot while running.

  1. Metatarsalgia : Metatarsals are the bones that connect the heel and foot of human. Pain in this region might occur due to prolonged running and stress load given to this part of the foot. Injury in this area will result in swollen metatarsal and persistent pain. This injury might also occur in people who wear minimal footwears.
  2. Turf Toe: This is actually a sprain on the base of the great toe. Sometimes this may result in the tear of ligaments present in this region. Turf toe pain is felt while walking or running.
  3. Plantar fasciitis: This is a thick band tissue that run across the foot. This connects the heel bone and foot region. Normally plantar fasciitis causes irritation in the thick band tissue and people may get pain across the foot particularly on the heel. Remedy for this pain is stretching, balance exercises.
  4. Blisters on the feet: Blisters occur in the foot due to friction when you run long distance either barefoot or with minimal footwear. This can be prevented by wearing proper footwear, applying vaseline so that it helps reduce friction.

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